The ‘Forum RedEmprendia’ began as a series of digital meetings to promote the exchange of knowledge, diffusion of best practices and significant experiences, analysis and debate on transfer of R&D results, innovation and business entrepreneurship in Latin American University Community.

This initiative is promoted by RedEmprendia and aims to work for disseminating the concept of an Entrepreneur University in the Ibero-american region, betting by creativity, innovation and entrepreneur, promoting spaces for open innovation and for the social appropriation of the scientific and technological knowledge.

The past 27th of March is was held in the University of Antioquia the First Meeting of the Forum RedEmprendia, with the video-conference: “International networks for adding value to R&D and Universitary Entrepreneurship: the case of RedEmprendia”, presented by its president, Dr. Senén Barro Ameneiro.

In this first video-conference participated several educational institutions and entrepreneurship organisations from Ibero-American region, such as: the National Polytechnical Institute of Mexico, the Office for Entrepreneurs from the Complutense Universidty, the University of Cantabria, the University of Santiago de Compostela, the Científic Parc of Valencia, the University Politecnica of Catalonia and the Parc Científic of Barcelona, the University of Buenos Aires and the Virtual Observatory of Transfer of Technology from the University of Alicante.

In this first meeting, the president of RedEmprendia stood out the importance of “…look for more effective formulas so that research have a greater impact in our lives and our society…” Dr. Senén Barro ensured that for this propose the work in network is so much “an opportunity as a need”.

In the Ibero-Amercican region have arisen in the last years networks of institutions and universities ofnational and international level and those design strategies of collaboration in matter of innovation and R&D, such as REUNE and PILA or the Latin American Network of Social Entrepreneurship. Among them, RedEmprendia bets for improving a profile of entrepreneur university that contributes to creation and consolidation of the Ibero-American Space of Knowledge.

Global leadership

In spite of the remarkable growth that has experienced in the last years the R&D investment in Latin America, “Still we are far to have a leadership in the global context”, ensured the president of RedEmprendia.
By this reason, Senén Barro believes in the need to employ “Accelerators in valorisation and entrepreneruship”, with the aim of not losing the possibility to converge with other regions of the world “That are growing much faster that we are”.

The value of RedEmprendia

Following this goal, RedEmprendia wants to promote the catchment and loyalty of talent, through training and support actions to new entrepreneurs, initiatives for promote and consolidate the creation of companies from the university, and the compilation and diffusion of best practices in entrepreneursship.

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The assessment of the actions developed from RedEmprendia is positive, but still remains a lot of challenges and difficulties to confront in the futuro. “…A network is worth it for its results and that is the big value that has to achieve RedEmprendia…”.

RedEmprendia does not aspire to grow in base with the incorporation of new partners, although it foresees the extension to 30 universities associated to the network in the 2015 horizont, the main aim is to support the Open innovation, through some programs that are conceived to trascend the profit to their associated.

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