VI Technology Transfer Day in Tourism
The VI Technology Transfer Day will focus on the technological opportunities within the tourism sector, providing companies with the chance to learn about the research activities of the University of Alicante’s research groups.
  • 2024/02/21
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The University of Alicante is hosting the VI Technology Transfer Day in Tourism on February 21st, a virtual event designed to foster innovation and collaboration with companies in the tourism sector.

VI Technology Transfer Day to boost innovation in tourism

The TTDays are part of the InnoUA program at the University of Alicante, dedicated to bringing its technological and innovative capabilities closer to local businesses. As an initiative to promote technology transfer, these meetings are organized by the Technology Transfer Office (OTRI UA), made possible through funding from the Valencian Agency for Innovation (AVI), and in collaboration with sector-specific technological entities such as, on this occasion, the Technological Institute of Children’s Products and Leisure (AIJU), the Technological Institute of Footwear (INESCOP), the Technological Institute of Informatics (ITI), EEN-SEIMED, the Innovative Group of Smart Tourist Destinations in the Valencian Community (ADESTIC), and HOSBEC.

The event consists of a series of private bilateral meetings between companies and UA research groups, specifically designed to explore technological challenges based on their needs. On this occasion, the latest research offering opportunities for transformation and innovation in the tourism sector will be showcased.

Meetings have a maximum duration of 45 minutes and will be held in pre-arranged private virtual rooms. Participation is free upon prior registration, open until February 15.

More information: OTRI UA.

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