Professional exchange program funded by the European Union. Its mission is to help young entrepreneurs to acquire direct practical business experience abroad, allowing them to acquire relevant skills and develop business relationships for the future.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Program offers the opportunity to work for a period of up to six months in an SME from another country gaining experience and exchanging ideas. It began in February 2009. It is managed by intermediary organizations in different countries and areas. They are responsible to find the profiles that best match fit and young entrepreneurs with business. From then be selected according to need.

The traveler is someone who has a project, you do not have a company incorporated. The Erasmus program provides money for travel expenses and maintenance during the duration of the scholarship, which can vary between one and six months.

In summary:

  • offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from a more experienced entrepreneur
  • who directs an SME (small and medium enterprises) in another EU country,
  • allows the exchange of experiences between entrepreneurs and experienced entrepreneurs,
  • facilitates access to new markets and finding potential business partners
  • strengthens the links between employers and between SMEs
  • allows more experienced entrepreneurs to develop new business relationships and learn more about business opportunities in another EU country.

More information: Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

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