COTEC has released a new report on the state of the art for technology transfer in Spanish Companies. Drawing on data provided by the Panel on Technological Innovation (PITEC), COTEC has prepared an analysis of a sample of over 6,000 qualified large and small companies, which allowed to visualize how technology and acquire external knowledge influence the companies and how the agents collaborate on it.

The State Innovation Strategy (E2i) places the transfer of knowledge as central to their proposals for action.The five pillars of the State Innovation Strategy describe opportunities focused on current and future markets for new products and services that pivot on a central core, which is knowledge and its transfer.

The transfer of knowledge and technology is an essential component in the innovation effort of Spanish companies. According to the latest data from the Survey of Innovation in Enterprises of the INE, from the 17.637 million euros invested in 2009 in technological innovation activities only 40% were executed by companies internally, the rest were through the outsourcing of R&D, acquisition of machinery and software or by other means of acquiring external knowledge.

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