On the 2nd of February it was open the call CDTI-CONACYT for funding R&D in cooperation MEX-ESP, in the context of IBK (IBEROEKA). In particular, to finance the participation of Mexican partners, funded through the CDTI and to support the participation of Spanish companies.

Through this support the Spanish participants are funded by the CDTI, with more favorable terms . The Mexican SMEs can receive a subsidy of up to 75% of eligible budget, and the big companies up to 50%.

In Mexico, the beneficiaries must be at the time of application, enrolled in RENIECYT and submit it in accordance with the Terms of Reference. You can download the information at this link.

For information on funding for Mexico, the Mexican partners should contact CONACYT. The Spanish participants must register through the Aid Management System , and do the solicitude of R&D International Cooperation IBEROEKA.

The deadline for submitting pre-proposals (Phase 1) is up to April 7. Then opens a second period of pre-proposals from 24.02-02.05. You must submit a preliminary agreement for cooperation signed by all participants, indicating the conditions of joint development, intellectual property rights, and exploitation of results. The call is open to all areas, but priority will be given to areas of energy and health.

More information: CONACYT