Foundation Emprende and ICC Group have launched the initiative Canary InverPro for the creation of a network of business angels in the Canaries.

Canary InverPro born to link investors and entrepreneurs, in the face of consolidation and growth from the islands of global or international companies, based on the Internet. This is the kind of projects that prioritizes InverPro, but also studies and it is open to investments in all sectors involving a diversification of the Canary Islands’ economy. lnvePro therefore seeks to popularize and communicate investment opportunities on the Internet, making available and disseminating of new business models with which many entrepreneurs and investors are not yet familiar.

Canary InverPro is an initiative launched by professionals who have spent more than 10 years related to local businesses and innovative technology-based, with support from various institutions and organizations, provides advice and meeting points to the field of development and to corporate finance.

More information: Canary InverPro