From 21 to 25 of June it is hell in Medellin, the 5th Iberoamerican Congress on Clusters, organized by the TCI and RedLAC.

The event aims to support the strengthening of the TCI and RedLAC in Latin America by promoting closer links between professionals in the region cluster and facilitate an open exchange of experiences, results and methodologies in the management and development groups as a key factor for strengthening regional competitiveness.

This year the conference was characterized by its orientation to business: to give participants the opportunity to interact with colleagues to identify potential business partners and networks, share expertise and make valuable synergies for projects of interest groups in Latin America. The expected attendance is around 200 delegates mostly from Latin American countries, including leaders of major corporations and entrepreneurs, directors of the groups, researchers, consultants, development agencies, educational institutions, government agencies, associations business and multilateral organizations.

They will participate in discussions about rich cluster policies, case studies on business groups emerged and new development projects based on university-business-government. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to discover the social transformation that has led to Medellin to become the epicenter of business and major international events in recent years.

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