From the 4th to the 8th of February, the University of Alicante (UA) hosted the Workshop of the Specialization Course: Strategic intelligence for innovative organizations. A training week with the participation of public entities, companies, universities and foundations from Argentina, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador and Spain.

This Workshop was developed through a week of practical and intensive training of strategic intelligence workshops, in which experts and reference professionals participated in technology monitoring and strategic intelligence such as:

  • Juan Carlos Vergara, “Strategic deployment of a strategic intelligence system.”
  • Cristina Triviño Sánchez, “ Information sources and strategies for monitoring and intelligence.”
  • Francisco Ricau Gónzalez, “Software tools for surveillance and intelligence.”
  • Rubén Arcos Martín, “Analysis and production of intelligence”. Also participated in the round table.
  • Antonio Valle Sánchez, who participated in the round table with the experience of INVAT.TUR and its technological monitoring system in tourism.
  • Antonio Puertas, Technology Scouting Manager in the Agrotechnology Group and participant of the round table.

The specialization course proceeds with the third stage of training, dedicated to the preparation of the Final Projects by the participants. The initiative is promoted by the Department of Business Organization of the Faculty of Economics and the Observatory for Technology Transfer (OVTT) of the University of Alicante, and will open its next edition in June 2019.

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: Curso de Especialización en Inteligencia Estratégica para organizaciones innovadoras.

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