The last 19th of June, the Virtual Observatory for Technology Transfer (OVTT) presented the 3rd session of the Forum RedEmprendia with the virtual conference “Intelligent Management of the information to Innovate in Network”. The conference was performed by Sofía Oliveira Pires and Alba Santa Soriano, coordinator and project manager of the OVTT. OVTT is a research-action project devoted to the promotion of technology transfer and innovation produced in Latin America, promoted from the University of Alicante (Spain), in collaboration with the Banco Santander.

The conference presented the virtual platform developed from the OVTT to facilitate the access to scientific and technological information in Internet to professionals, entrepreneurs and researchers, with the aim to sensitize and promote technological watch practices in R&D projects.

The session was structured in three main blocks: the first, centred in technology watch and how to take advantage of Internet opportunities to improve the strategic information management in our research projects, technological development and innovation; the second block, pretended to invite to the reflection of the complex social transformation that we are living, and at last, to show the integral work developed through the OVTT to sensitize and promote the use of technology watch practices in research, business and entrepreneurship management activities.

The virtual conference can be seen in the following video:

The materials used in the session, are already available:

III Session of the Forum RedEmprendia: “Approximation to the technology Watch from the OVTT”

View PowerPoint from OVTT

It is also available online the tutorial video, through witch one can visit the main functionalities and tools for information search offered by the virtual platform of the OVTT; those tools are free and available from any place of the world, with only register.

Moreover, the session summary elaborated by RedEmprendia, “OVTT: a virtual platform, open and free to promote technology watch” is published the Blog of the Forum RedEmprendia.

Clicking In Storify it is available all the references and links that arose from this conference and that were published by users through the hashtag #ForoRedEmprendia.

The Virtual Observatory for Technology Transfer (OVTT) would like to thank, once more, the high participation in this initiative, and expects to make possible the promising collaboration and technological cooperation initiatives raised from the forum in benefit to the Latin American countries.
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