The Office of Technology-Based Entrepreneur, Madri + d was created to support the creation of spin-offs arising from the exploitation of research results developed mainly at universities and research centres of the Community of Madrid.

The Office is a place of welcome for new business initiatives of scientific and technological origin and has three purposes:

  • Facilitating the emergence and development of scientific-technological-based companies.
  • Enhancing the entrepreneurial culture among teachers, researchers, students and scholars of the university and research environment in Madrid with the aim of bringing to market their innovative ideas.
  • Streamlining business cooperation.

Created at the initiative of the Directorate General for Universities and Research dependent on the Ministry of Education of the Community of Madrid, the Office works with leading universities in the region as well as several private universities and other research centres and Business Associations.It is coordinated from the Foundation for Knowledge Madri+d.

More information: Office of Technology Based Entrepreneur Madri + d

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