Technology offers and requests are an essential management tool for innovation and technology transfer, whose goal is to make technology available to commercialisation in the market. It is a strategic source of information for technology intelligence.

Specifically, technology offers and requests consist of detailed documents with innovative technical characteristics. Those can be transferred or acquired by another organisation to solve a technological problem. Although there is no international standardization in writing an offer or request, many organizations offer models to guide in its structure and content. For example, the EEN openly offers its templates for preparing these types of documents. The general structure of a technological offer includes:

  • Summary.
  • Description of technology.
  • Main advantages, news and differentiating elements.
  • The current state of development, for example, the TRL.
  • Industrial and intellectual property.
  • Potential sectors of application.
  • Target collaboration type.
  • Contact information.

In addition, technology offers and requests are published in the technology catalogues, such as InnoUA of the University of Alicante, and are usually disseminated through technological marketplaces.