Government open data platforms represent a strategic tool to exploit open data in technology intelligence. Increasingly they are becoming a valuable information source for research. These are digital platforms that promote open knowledge, facilitating access to a large amount of data, codes and tools for analysis and display of information. Usually, they are free resources to users and thanks to the Internet, these platforms are constantly evolving and growing.

Tools such as Open Data Inception help to locate the best open data portal for each information need. Others such as Open Data Barometer allow to know for each country the quality of public policies open data.

The most relevant government open data platforms in Latin America are:

In addition, there are other specialised open data tools promoted by international organisations such as OECD, IDB, ECLAC, EUROSTAT as national information systems, as well as essential initiatives for strategic intelligence such as the open data portal of the European Union.

In #MoocVT you will find the #Open_tools section, where you can discover more specialised tools for technology intelligence and monitoring available to everyone, as well as learning resources and exercises to take advantage of the potential of open data in technology intelligence.