Innguma is a technology and competitive intelligence software to promote comprehensive management of strategic information and informed decision-making in innovation processes.

Innguma: competitive intelligence software

The tool offers different versions to suit different organizations’ needs, regardless of their type or size. Allowing for monitoring, searching and filtering information of any kind, moreover allows monitoring competitors, market, technology and patents, prices, financial support and tenders, as well as changes in regulations.

The main characteristics of Innguma are:

  • Saas (Software as a Service) format for quick implementation in any type of user.
  • Without limits for monitoring sources, allowing to follow all kinds of information, from patent databases to different sections of competitors’ websites, social networks or prices in marketplaces.
  • Filtering, tagging and advanced search capabilities with automation capabilities.
  • Automatic translation.
  • Information repositories and newsletters.

In addition, Innguma is part of the OVTT Collaborators Network.

More information: Innguma