Hontza is an open-source platform that automates monitoring and intelligence processes and promotes collaborative teamwork within innovation projects. The tool is designed to define a competitive challenge and to scout opportunities to anticipate decisions under an automatised strategic intelligence process.

Hontza: Monitoring and Intelligence software

Hontza: Open-source platform form monitoring and intelligence

The main Hontza features are:

  • Immediate service, including exploited sources by the Hound server.
  • Strategic environment monitoring: technological, competitive, commercial, legal, etc.
  • Advanced searches, filters and automatic tags.
  • Alerts and Newsletters with custom templates.
  • Generation of ideas, opportunities and projects based
  • Adaptable to competitive, collaborative or open innovation scenarios.
  • Allows interaction among platforms to practice Network monitoring.
  • It allows to automatically activate open observatories.

Hontza software is free, downloadable and modifiable. The Hontza Online service requires a fee. The tool is promoted and developed by CDE Inteligencia Competitiva, which is part of the OVTT Collaborators Network.

More information: Hontza