EUREKA is an international technology cooperation instrument to promote competitiveness on European companies with the development of technology projects, aimed at the development of products, processes and/or services based on innovative technologies. EUREKA promotes innovation management, since any company in a Member State can participate in carrying out an applied R&D project in collaboration with at least one company and / or research center from another network country.

The EUREKA Network is made up of an extensive list of European States, including the European Union as a full member, and associated countries such as Canada, South Korea, Chile and South Africa. Participants from other countries may also intervene, provided they do so in collaboration with two member states. The management of its international certification is managed through delegated bodies in each country and the EUREKA virtual platform has become a strategic source of information for technology intelligence, with the latest news on its instruments, calls, funded projects and success cases.

In addition, in #MoocVT you will find learning resources and exercises to support technology intelligence in your innovation strategy geared towards preparing successful project proposals.

More information: EUREKA