According to the report, Spanish Technology Platforms are an interesting and successful tool in supporting and supplementing each other with the European platforms, allowing direct efforts towards a more committed stage, planned and structured innovation.

These platforms are forums for integration of the different players in the science-technology-business of a particular sector, that allow the exchange of information, knowledge and experience. The agents, selected for their strategic importance or its contribution to employment targets, competitiveness and growth, analyse the situation of a specific sector, identify their shortcomings and establish priorities for research and technology to be perform.

Technology Platforms intend to promote collaboration between public and private sectors and to internationalize the Spanish Science-Technology-Business.

The report notes that, after its three years of operation, the Spanish Technology Platforms have proven their effectiveness in a wide variety of strategic areas, and that the Spanish model is highly valued and copied abroad.

This model, according to the report released by the Minister fo Innovation, allows quick and proactive adaptation to the way that follows the R&D in Europe. It also offers to the General State Administration a point of dialogue with the scientific and technological community, as has happened with the collaboration of platforms in the preparation of the Energy Efficiency Act.

More information: Spanish Technological Platforms Catalog, MICIIN