As usual, the Santander Group launches a new edition of the “Ibero-American Scholarships Santander Grado” program, with different support modalities aimed at promoting international student mobility.

The program “Iberoamerican Scholarships Santander Grado.” Is a program promoted by the Santander Group with the aim of strengthening the mobility and exchange of students between Ibero-American universities, a necessary condition to move towards the construction of an Ibero-American region socially responsible. The program is aimed at undergraduate students of Ibero-American universities defined in each call as participants in the Program, in order to facilitate the follow-up of studies during an academic semester in an Ibero-American university of another country, within the framework of the progressive construction of the Ibero-American space of knowledge.

In the Call 2017 – 2018, the University of Alicante has been defined as a participant with a total number of 19 scholarships, whose endowment is 3,000 € (three thousand euros) each. The universities that will exchange students in the present call will be from the countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay with which Banco Santander and the University of Alicante have a collaboration agreement

The deadline for submitting applications is 15-31 May 2017.

More information: Grants Santander

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