UNIVERSIA is the biggest Latin American network of universities. NEOS , the first private technology transfer office, have joined forces with UNIVERSIA to develop and launch INNOVERSIA , the first open innovation portal created by and for Iberoamerica.

In INNOVERSIA companies around the world post their needs for technological development and innovation for researchers and scientists to propose solutions that can receive compensation if their proposals are accepted. It is an online marketplace specializing in Latin American regions.

This platform is designed especially to bring together the companies that require innovative solutions to technological problems with researchers, scientists, inventors and those with capacity to develop them. Those interested in receiving the technology needs of businesses may register on the site for free and receive in your email requesting proposals.

The operation of INNOVERSIA is simple and the procedure is as follows:

  1. The company has a technological need or problem to solve and requires an innovation or a solution, post the request in the platform.
  2. Researchers presented their proposals and innovative solutions, using a form of restricted access through the portal.
  3. The undertaking reviews the bids and selects the best.
  4. The selected is informed and the company reached an agreement with him, for the project.
  5. The company receives satisfactory project, product or service to solve the problem.
  6. The selected company receives the economic benefit and credit for the idea and the realization of the project.

INNOVERSIA seeks to be an essential tool to increase private investment in R&D and generate new value enhancing university-business relations. In this approach, the construction of networks plays a critical role, and in that sense the collaboration between academia and business is the main link that allows the flow of knowledge needed to transform the R&D in product innovation with benefits for the local and regional economy.

More information: INNOVERSIA

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