The third session of the Forum RedEmprendia, “Intelligent Management of the information to innovate in network. An approximation to Technology Watch from the Virtual Observatory for Technology Transfer, was held this 19th of June at 16:00 hours (Spain).

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The conference was about the strategic importance to incorporate technology watch and competitive intelligence practices in the design and management of R&D projects. Also the importance of taking advantage the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Internet potentialities.

This session was given by Sofia Oliveira Pires and the Alba Santa Soriano coordinator and manager of the Virtual Observatory for Technology Transfer (OVTT), a research-action project devoted to the promotion of technology transfer and innovation produced in Latin America and developed from the University of Alicante, in collaboration with the Bank of Santander.

The conference started from concepts, methodologies and tools that conform technology watch and competitive intelligence and will tackle the matter from the practice, sharing the Virtual Observatory of Transfer of Technology (OVTT) experience in its effort for awareness the use advanced of Internet in the strategic management of the scientific and technological information, a key factor in technology transfer processes, innovation and entrepreneurship promotion.

The session is headed to professional, entrepreneurs, researchers and S&T agents, interested in strengthening their abilities and skills for the efficient management of scientific and technological information and its useful application to the market. Besides, all interested will be able to join the network promoted from the OVTT through the distinct collaboration modalities that will present

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