The growth in the amount of information available on Internet has led to the development of tools that allow us to automate the processing of large amounts of information in order to find information of interest. These tools use bibliometric and scentometric techniques that combine indexing and statistical analysis techniques. The tools perform the searches, process and analyse technical, economic and commercial information from free internet sources, as well as from on-line bibliographic and commercial databases.

The Observatory for Technology Transfer has developed an intelligent tool to adress this issue, the OBSERVA, where you can dig and progress in the analysis of a specific sector of interess and do the follow-up of a technology.

Below you will find a list of the resources available on Internet for technology watch and competitive intelligence processes:

Formal Search Sources, deep or invisible web:

Traditional Search Sources:

  • EPO – European Patent Office.
  • Espacenet – European patents, containing a section of documents from all over the world and a collection of patents dating back to 1920.
  • Delphion – Collections of patents, statistical analyses and texts.
  • USPTO – United States Patent and Trademark Office database.
  • CIbepatnet – Bibliographic data on patents and useful models from 18 Latin American countries.

Analysis of information, generation of Topographical Maps:

Prepaid Tools:

More information:

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