ACTE 2022: Audiovisual & Technology Expo
ACTE 2022 is a professional meeting for the national and international audiovisual industry, designed to promote media and culture for the companies in the region.
  • 2022/11/06
  • Internet (Chile)

From November 6 to 9, will be held ACTE 2022, the first audiovisual content and technology fair organized by the Chilean audiovisual industry, in a hybrid format from Santiago de Chile.

The meeting is aimed at Chilean professionals and companies as well as the international market, with the aim of promoting and marketing the media and culture industry, as well as promoting Chile as a film location for the audiovisual market.

Specifically, the objectives of ACTE 2022 are:

• To continue promoting Chilean image and the country as a filming destination in the audiovisual market.
• To show achievements and local audiovisual production capacity
• To attract new sources of financing and actors, national and internationally
• To introduce new technologies, educational aspects and content not available in the Chilean market
• To exchange experiences and knowledge at a time of high creativity and production of the local industry
• To bring experience and global networking from GL events audiovisual to Chile

ACTE 2022 proposes an extensive program of activities with conferences, meetings and networking events with the aim of interacting in the creative industries ecosystem and promoting professional services for national and international companies.

More information: ACTE 2022

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