The EuropeAid Cooperation Office publishes a Guide for Development Cooperation of European Union – Latin America 2010. This document may be visited in EuropeAid and can also be found with IBSN 978-92-79-15220-7.

Based on the historical ties that have always kept the European countries with Latin America (LA), the European Union (EU) began to establish and consolidate from the sixties, strong commitments with this region. The relationship between the two regions has evolved significantly since then and today reflects the growing importance and growth potential of the Latin American region, and the willingness of both sides to further strengthen the relationship. The EU is an important economic and political partner for Latin America and the largest investor in the region. The EU’s relations with Latin America were channeled through a series of bi-regional dialogues held (Mercosur, the Andean Community and Central America) and bilateral (with countries like Mexico and Chile) with the EU has signed several partnership agreements. In the EU-Brazil summit in Lisbon in 2007, the EU launched a strategic partnership with Russia.

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