Galante Eduardo Patino, professor of zoology and director of the Latin American Centre for Biodiversity ( CIBIO ) at the University of Alicante, was recently appointed scientific adviser to the Ibero-American Science and Technology for Development (CYTED) in which 21 Latin American countries are signatories.

The CYTED Program , established in 1984, is a multilateral intergovernmental cooperation project in science and technology that provides different perspectives and views to promote cooperation in research and innovation for Latin American development. Since 1995 CYTED is formally included among the programs of cooperation of the Iberoamerican Summit of Heads of State and Government.

Up to day CYTED has generated 191 thematic networks, 193 shares of coordination, 3 consortium research projects and 614 innovation projects IBEROEKA with an annual participation of more than 10,000 scientists and technologists.

This appointment marks the recognition of research and development cooperation, Dr. Galante performs in the field of biological conservation in Spain and Latin American countries.

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