The development of clients or customer developer is an agile tool for the creation of technology-based companies, called by Steve Blank, the traditional business plan.

This methodology transforms the conventional business plan into a marketing plan, capable of providing investors with valuable information on the commercial prospects of the business. To do this, it focuses on knowing the customer as much as possible and testing their business hypotheses to quickly explore their chances of success, throughout some key steps:

  • To know deeply the client.
  • To validate and be able to offer an adequate solution to the needs.
  • To apply co-creation processes of products and services with clients.
  • To develop the business model of the business project.
Source: Advenio

Besides, these types of agile models seek to accelerate learning from mistakes in the start-up and require technological intelligence as a strategic tool to help them obtain data, analyze information and make agile decisions based on evidence.

In #MoocVT there is more information on how to plan an agile and practical process of technology monitoring through the Canvas Model.

More information: Steve Blank