Miraintelligence ™ is a specialized technology monitoring and competitive intelligence software that helps organizations in technology commercialization and innovation strategies and processes.
It allows gathering, filtering, categorizing, analyzing and visualizing information to support decision-making.

The main features of Miraintelligence ™ are:

  • It has three versions: Saas, Subscription, and License (IntelligenceSuite®).
  • It allows to retrieve, monitor and analyze information of all kinds, such as commercial, technological, scientific literature and reference publications; and social networks, especially Twitter and Facebook.
  • Among its advanced features, PatentMonitor ™ stands out, which allows monitoring and analyzing new filing patents.
  • Classify information through a semantic and text mining module, as well as advance the visualization of information interactively.

Miraintelligence ™ is aimed at SMEs, medium and large companies, Public Administrations, Universities, Technology Transfer Offices, associations, technology centres and free-lance, among other profiles of interest. In addition, it is developed by Miniera, which is part of the OVTT Collaborators Network.

More information: Miraintelligence